New VetCS Nose & Toes

If you’ve read any of my blogs in the past, you know I have an Olde English Bulldog named Lola. She is undoubtedly a sweetheart, but with her short snout and the continually changing Colorado weather, her nose gets extremely cracked and dry. Brachycephalic breeds like Lola have a hard time keeping their noses damp, making them susceptible to cracking and peeling. A few months ago, the team here at VetCS sent out a product recommendation email to our customers. I had been advocating for a new nose balm product for a while, so secretly, Lola and I were hoping our customers would also request a nose balm. After receiving customer feedback, Lola and I were very pleased with the results, and a new VetCS Nose and Toes balm was on the way! So, I wanted to share a few tips on using our new Nose and Toes balm after a few months of Lola serving as the certified product tester.

1. Consistency is Key

Lola's nose presents quite an extreme case, which is why I diligently apply the product once in the morning and once at night. I've noticed that even if I skip a day or two, her dry nose takes a step backward and starts to dry out again. Now, I must confess, I'm not the best at remembering such tasks (hint: I'm the type of person who can't find my wallet or keys unless they're glued to my wrist). Nonetheless, I started setting calendar reminders on my phone to prompt me to apply the Nose and Toes balm. When I maintain this consistent routine, there's a night-and-day difference in the look and feel of Lola's nose. So, remember to stay on top of caring for that nose and those toes!

2. The Amount of product I use for Lola

As I mentioned earlier, Lola's nose can become quite troublesome, so I typically apply about a pea-sized amount of the product. Initially, the product appears white when first applied, but after about half an hour, it becomes clear, and Lola's nose starts to look better. So, if you're planning to take some Instagram photos of your dog or have guests coming over and you want your dog to look their best, I recommend applying the product an hour or an hour and a half beforehand.

3. Your Dog May Try to Lick the Product and product storage.

Once I apply the product to Lola's nose, she often attempts to lick some of it off. This is perfectly normal, and the product is entirely harmless when ingested in small amounts. At VetCS, the safety of your pets is our utmost priority, so you can trust that the product is non-toxic. However, we recommend storing the product in a cool, dry place, away from your dog's curiosity, and, of course, do not attempt to intentionally feed the product to your dog. Lastly, keep the product away from direct sunlight, and don’t leave it in your car.

4, Pro tip, not just for your dog..wait what?

I’m a rock climber and rock climbing with all the chalk and hand jams, plus just generally having dry skin my hands get pretty darn dry. After applying the product to Lola’s nose, sometimes I place a little on my own hands. It has actually really helped with my cracked cuticles and overall hand dryness. This is just me, but it's a great use if you have extra product on your hands. 

Cheers to a healthier nose and toes!


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