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Vet Designed. Vet Driven.

VetCS was founded in 2017 by Dr. Chelsea Luedke and Trish Wilhelm to enhance the comfort of all animals by offering high-quality herbal solutions. VetCS is personally dedicated to advancing the science of cannabinoids, transforming them into a trusted source of wellness in the companion animal and equine health spaces.

How we started

VetCS started in 2017 with a need for veterinary involvement in the cannabis product industry for pets and horses. Dr. Chelsea Luedke and Trish Wilhelm CVT met in veterinary practice and started getting inquiries from pet parents and horse owners about the use of CBD therapy for their animals in specific conditions and ailments. We had advised clients to let us look into animal specific products, and didn't find many that met our standards of safety and efficacy. We created VetCS to provide pet parents, horse owners, and veterinary professionals a trusted source for cannabinoid products for all animals.

Meet the VetCS Experts

The VetCS team works every day to improve our formulations and offer new and exciting options to support your pet. Please contact us with questions or comments you may have about our veterinarian-designed CBD products.

Chelsea Luedke Vetcs

Chelsea Luedke DVM, MS

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Chelsea starting using CBD for patients in 2016 and has seen firsthand the beneficial effects of cannabinoid therapy in animals.

Trish Wilhelm VetCS

Trish Wilhelm CVT, VCC

Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

Trish loves working directly with pet parents to provide safe and effective cannabinoid therapy plans for their pets.

Paul Zimmerman VeteCS

Paul Zimmerman, Esq.

Partner, Chief Financial Officer

As a founding partner he plays an active role in our business development so that the rest of the team can focus on what we love...cannabinoids!

Eric Wilhelm VetCS

Eric Wilhelm

Partner, Chief Technical Officer

Eric provides crucial insight into VetCS's product quality, transparency, formulation, and overall development plans.

Riley King VetCS

Riley King

Digital Marketing Manager

Avid rock climber and trail runner. Keeping his Olde English bulldog in shape and using cannabinoids to ensure the gears keep turning.