Vet Designed. Vet Driven.

At VetCS, we're proud to be a company that's both vet-designed and vet-driven. We're passionate about advancing the science of cannabinoids and harnessing their potential as a trusted source of wellness for companion animals and horses. Our team of veterinarians and animal health experts personally oversee every step of our product development and testing, ensuring that every product we offer is backed by the latest scientific research and meets the highest standards of quality and transparency.

Our Story

VetCS was founded in 2017 with a mission to bring veterinary expertise and standards to the rapidly growing cannabis product industry for pets and horses. Dr. Chelsea Luedke and Trish Wilhelm RVT, who had previously worked together in veterinary practice, saw a growing demand for CBD therapy among pet parents and horse owners looking for safe and effective treatment options for specific conditions and ailments. After researching existing products on the market, they found that many fell short of their rigorous standards for safety and efficacy. Determined to fill this gap in the market, they created VetCS to provide pet parents, horse owners, and veterinary professionals with a trusted source for high-quality, veterinarian-approved cannabinoid products for all animals.

VetCS cofounders Chelsea and Trish at a hemp farm greenhouse

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