Meet Tara Dorr: VetCS Senior Lab Director

Tara Dorr VetCS Senior Lab Director

First and foremost, do you have any pets at home?

Two Purrrrrfect Devon Rex Cats Jundallar and Thistle

Could you share with us the length of your experience in formulating plant-based products?

Since 2015

We're eager to hear about what drew you to this field. Could you briefly discuss your background, including any relevant education or certifications?

I come from a healthcare background, where my primary motivation has always been to help others and make a positive impact on their lives. As I progressed in my career, I discovered the immense potential of cannabinoid medicine in providing relief and support to individuals facing various health challenges. Witnessing the significant benefits that cannabinoids can offer, I was drawn to explore this field further. The unique therapeutic properties and the potential to enhance the well-being of patients through cannabinoid medicine align seamlessly with my passion for making a difference in healthcare. This journey has not only allowed me to continue helping others but has also opened new avenues for holistic and personalized patient care that I find incredibly fulfilling. I am Currently working toward my diploma in organic formulation.

In your experience, how does formulating products for human consumption differ from those intended for animals?

Formulating products for animals requires a deep understanding of their specific physiological and nutritional needs. Considerations include the species, size, and health conditions of the animals. Palatability is crucial, as animals may have different taste preferences and dietary requirements. Additionally, safety testing is essential to ensure the well-being of the animals. Both processes involve careful research, adherence to regulatory standards, and a commitment to delivering products that meet the unique needs of the end-users—whether they are humans or animals. It's a dynamic and rewarding process that requires a tailored approach based on the target audience.

Is there a particular VetCS product that you especially enjoy formulating? If so, what makes it your favorite?

I have a genuine passion for crafting the CBDA Advanced Joint Formula and the CBD, CBG, CBN formula. The incorporation of these minor cannabinoids, especially the acid-base compounds, presents both a challenge and a significant benefit for our furry companions. It's a rewarding process that combines my love for formulation with the goal of enhancing the well-being of our beloved pets.

Could you provide a snapshot of your typical day in the VetCS lab?

As the Director of a CBD lab, my daily responsibilities encompass a strategic approach to overseeing laboratory operations. I begin by setting priorities aligned with the company's vision. I ensure seamless collaboration and address challenges. Quality control is a priority. Collaboration is ongoing to explore innovative formulations and extraction methods. Regulatory compliance and product testing are essential aspects of my role, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and maintaining product quality. Contributing to the overall success and growth

Reflecting on your career, is there a standout moment that made you especially proud of the work you do at VetCS?

It's truly an incredible experience to be part of such an amazing team. The collaborative spirit, shared dedication, and collective talent make every day a rewarding journey. Working together towards common goals not only fosters a dynamic and supportive environment but also elevates the overall success and impact of our endeavors. I feel fortunate to collaborate with such a fantastic team that inspires and motivates me every step of the way.

What advice might you offer to individuals, especially women, who are considering a career in this field?

Although this is a male dominated industry, There is a place and roles are needed for strong women. Start by educating yourself on CBD research, regulations, and industry trends to stay informed. Network actively by attending events and building connections with professionals, and seek mentorship from experienced individuals. Explore diverse roles within the industry to find where your skills align best. Embrace a mindset of continuous learning, given the dynamic nature of the field. Advocate for inclusivity, support diversity, and actively contribute to creating an equal opportunity environment. Develop technical skills relevant to your chosen area, be resilient in the face of challenges, and create a personal brand to showcase your expertise. Collaborate with colleagues, stay ethical and compliant with industry standards, and above all, believe in your potential to make a meaningful impact in the dynamic and evolving CBD industry.

Just for fun: if you could be any animal, which one would you choose and why?

Dragon 100%

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