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VetCS CBD Oil 500mg CBD, 15ml

VetCS CBD Oil 500mg CBD, 15ml

VetCS CBD Oil 500mg CBD, 15ml


This product is best for small breed dogs (less than 20 lbs) or cats, for a 30-60 day supply. We use a full size bottle for this size, so that we can use our wonderful plastic measuring dropper! This bottle will arrive half-full. 


Our VetCS tinctures promote wellness by regulating inflammation, enhancing immunity and supporting joints.  CBD has shown to be very effective in humans at reducing anxiety and similarly has performed extremely well in our clinical trials. CBD also supports pets dealing neurological deficits including seizure disorders and animals experiencing pain due to inflammation.


Our full spectrum CBD extract oil is produced in facilities compliant at the FDA level; we want to assure your pet is receiving the same amount in every dose, and every bottle. We have set the stage for transparency standards that is unheard of in the veterinary cannabis industry.  


Dosing information: Refer to Dosing chart.  Tincture can be given directly in the mouth or with food.  It should be given twice daily to maximize efficacy.  Effects can be seen within 3-5 days. Loading doses should be maintained for 1 week, then decreased to half doses twice daily. For added support, week 1 doses can be maintained long term if needed. Note: Cats do not like the odor of this hemp extract, we advise using our Low Scent CBD oil.

Certificates of Analysis: 

Lot 103216 Potency, Heavy Metals, and Pesticides

Lot 103216 Terpenes

Lot 103209 Potency

Lot 103209 Microbial Contaminates

Lot 103209 Residual Solvents

33mg/ml Terpene Analysis

Lot 103203 Microbial Contaminates

Lot 103203 Residual Solvents

Lot 103209 Terpene Analysis


**Note: It is typical for cannabinoid potency levels to vary between 4-6 mg/ml based on batch and lab testing variance.**