Why does hemp smell bad? How do I get my dog to take CBD?

First- why do hemp extracts smell strongly? The answer lies in a the makeup of the plant itself.  Cannabis carries its own wide variety of therapeutically beneficial terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbon molecules, and made up of linked isoprene chains. An isoprene is a very common naturally occurring molecule that can be found all throughout nature. Terpenes are what make lemons smell like lemons, and pine trees smell like pine! Terpenes are found in high abundance of plant resins making it the primary ingredient of its essential oil. Most terpenes serve as potent scents for the dual purpose of protection from predators and attracting pollinators. Over 100 different terpenes have been identified in the Cannabis plant. Each terpene has a therapeutic profile to add value to products in way of anti-inflammatory properties, calming effects, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-anxiety just to name a few! Lab testing can now quantify the terpene profiles within products so that the consumer can see which terpenes are in the product providing added value! Here's an example of a well-balanced terpene profile from VetCS' Full Spectrum 2000mg Extract

How do I administer It to my dog?

A quick and effective route of administration is directly into the mouth. It can be absorbed quickly into the oral mucosa, so for fast absorbency that is ideal. Using your opposite hand to slightly pull the cheek back, you can easily squirt your dose right in their mouth. Some dogs love the taste of hemp extracts, and you can squirt the drops into their empty food bowl right before feeding time! Recent studies have found that dosing around mealtime can help with efficacy and absorption, so if you normally feed your pet in the AM & PM that is a great time to give them CBD. If you have trouble with directly getting it into your dog’s mouth, you can put it right on top of their food. Make sure they eat all of their food to ensure they are getting their whole dose. If that doesn’t work try putting the oil on their favorite dog treat, a small piece of bread, or cheese. Feel free to get a little creative!


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