Are hemp and CBD products legal in the US?

Short version: Yes!

Long version: Hemp farming was a booming industry in the early 1900’s but became limited along with other strains of Cannabis in the Marihuana Act of 1937.  Along with medicinal use of cannabis becoming legalized in many states, hemp farming has been increasing since the Farm Bill of 2014 which allowed research-based hemp farming.  Then in December 2018, the updated Farm Bill allowed legal cultivation of hemp federally, in addition to allowing hemp extracts to be sold federally as long as the THC content is less than 0.3%.  Most notably, hemp extracts were removed from the Controlled Substances Act after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

All of VetCS’ products are legal in all states because our THC is always less than 0.3%. Our farmers are registered with the State of Colorado and comply with all regulations.

So why doesn’t my veterinarian want to discuss CBD products? As quickly evolving as the hemp industry is, the clinical efficacy research in dogs and cats has not caught up yet. Safety data has been overwhelmingly positive, and we expect to see more peer-reviewed research in the near future.  However, veterinary medical associations are hesitant to address hemp products for pets as a viable option until there is more research.  With the lack of regulations for product testing, understandably veterinarians are hesitant to recommend CBD and hemp products.  In 2015 and 2016, FDA warning letters were sent out to companies for mislabeling CBD concentrations, some products had negligible CBD. VetCS was founded and is driven by veterinarians; we are always willing to assist your veterinarian in choosing an appropriate and safe product for your pet.  We are actively involved in veterinary education to advance the science of cannabinoids, transforming them into a trusted source of wellness for pets.

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