CBD For Pets: What To Look For On Product Labels

Intended Use for CBD Pet Products
Some CBD pet products are meant for general use, while others are geared toward specific concerns like joint pain or anxiety. You’ll want to keep a look out for exactly what use a product is intended for, so you can easily choose something to meet your pet’s distinct needs.
Another thing to consider is whether or not any given CBD pet product is designed specifically for your type of animal. Some products can be given to most animals, while others are best suited for dogs, cats or horses, respectively.

CBD Pet Product Safety: Dosage (by animal weight)
For most pet parents, safety is among the biggest concerns when choosing a new CBD product for their animal. And one critical aspect of safety is dosing. Look for product labels that include specific recommended dosing for animals by size. For instance, all VetCS products have an easy-to-read chart that breaks down dosing by weight.

CBD tinctures typically come with 1 mL droppers. These product labels should specify how many milligrams (mg) of CBD there are for each milliliter (mL) dropper of tincture, as well as including dosing information that indicates how many drops to give your pet according to their weight. Product labels for CBD chews and treats should tell you how many mg CBD are in each chew or treat, and how many chews or treats you can give your pet per day, based on their weight.

CBD Pet Product Labels: Lab Testing and Batch Information
CBD pet products are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so any company you purchase from should offer batch-specific, third-party lab testing results in the form of Certificates of Analysis (CoAs). If you don’t see this on a product’s label, you can check the company’s website. But if you can’t find this information at all, we strongly recommend against purchasing that product. CoAs help ensure the product isn’t contaminated with microbes, heavy metals or pesticides, in addition to confirming the product’s potency claims.

We also recommend looking for batch and lot numbers, as well as expiration dates on all CBD pet products.

Other Things to Know About CBD Pet Products Before Purchasing
Not all CBD is created equal, so it can be helpful to know where the CBD oil in a product was sourced from. Did it come from a trusted grower based in the United States? If the label doesn’t say, and you can’t find that information on a company’s website, there’s a good chance it came from a grower who may not adhere to the cultivation standards that we like to see.

Another thing to look for is what type of CBD oil your product contains. Full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate are different types of extracts commonly found in CBD pet products. There are pros and cons to each, depending on the intended use and desired outcomes for your pet.

There’s a lot of information to consider when picking a CBD product for your pet, to be sure. So don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with questions or concerns. Our veterinary professionals are always happy to work with you to determine the best CBD care plan for your animal.

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