Alphabet Soup: Why CBG and CBN?

You may be wondering what our new product CBD:CBG:CBN Oil for dogs is all about.  We are so excited to introduce this formula as it opens the doors to a new and important direction for hemp products.  Hemp and cannabis plants make at least 120 different compounds or cannabinoids in various forms (acidic to variant), and their combination in a full plant extract lends to more effective formulas for humans and pets.  Research on minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN is farther behind CBD and THC, but early evidence is encouraging.


Cannbigerol (CBG)

A growing body of evidence is showing the wide array of applications for CBG.  The vasodilator effects of CBG help with decreasing intraocular pressure and could be effective in glaucoma cases(1). In a mouse colitis study, CBG was shown to help reduce inflammation consistent with that of inflammatory bowel diseases(2).  Along with anti-bacterial properties, bladder spasticity improvement, cancer cell growth restriction, and neuroprotective benefits that have been studied thus far, CBG has a lot to offer!

Cannabinol (CBN)

Although research on CBN is further behind, there are several studies that can help us understand some possible benefits from CBN.  Neuroprotective qualities were noted in one study showing that CBN delayed the development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in mice(3).  Additionally, CBN has been shown to increase the food intake of mice(4). Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties have also been noted(5), but more research is needed to better understand the mechanisms of action. 


So why the combination with CBD in our new formula?  We believe in CBD’s anti-inflammatory as well as anxiolytic properties being of utmost importance. The combination with CBG and CBN combines the above benefits in a well balanced 2:1:1 ratio with 600mg CBD, 300mg CBG, 300mg CBN in a 30ml bottle.

When we apply what’s known in research about these cannabinoids to our experience administering hemp products to patients, we find that certain disorders in pets can be alleviated with an enhanced minor cannabinoid profile:


  • Severe inflammation, especially in the case of gastrointestinal inflammation
  • Neurologic conditions where a neuroprotectant can be useful (examples: seizures, degenerative myelopathy)
  • Decreased appetite
  • Painful ocular conditions such as glaucoma
  • Significant anxiety, not helped by CBD alone


As always, If you have questions regarding the usage of our new CBD CBG CBN formula, please don’t hesitate to contact our Veterinary Team here.  We are at the forefront of developing novel therapeutics to better the lives of beloved pets. 



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