CBD Combo Pack for Horses

This discounted option (10% savings) is designed for acute conditions that require higher daily doses of CBD by utilizing our VetCS CBD Paste until a maintenance dose of daily CBD powder can be given. Pack includes: 5 tubes of 500mg CBD Horse Paste and 1 container of 3,500mg CBD Horse Powder (28 scoops).  

At VetCS our products are formulated at our lab in Loveland, Colorado. We source all our hemp from farms in Colorado that use organic farming practices. Equine Veterinarian formulated and trusted for horse health.

Curious if CBD is right for your horse? Call our veterinary team at 1-800-840-5730 or email us at info@vetcs.com. We would love to help you build the best wellness plan for your horse! 

Note: This product is not available for sale or use in livestock (includes equines) in California, in accordance with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.


At VetCS, we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers and their pets. Our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. We urge our customers to always use our products as directed and to seek veterinary advice before using any new product.


Paste- For use as a calmer: administer 1/4 tube 1 hour before stressful event. No loading dose is needed.

For use as an aid in acute lameness or inappetance, administer 1 full syringe daily for 2-3 days, then 1/2 syringe daily. Long term mobility support is achieved using 1/2 tube daily for 2-3 days, then 1/4 tube daily. 

Paste should be given according to weight; best results are seen when given below tongue and before hay or grain. Once daily administration has been found to be highly effective in our research trials.

Note- recommended storage for the horse paste is 40-75 degrees F; temperatures higher than 75 degrees can result in improper delivery of paste due to oily nature. 

Powder- As an aid for joint pain or anxiety, administer 1 level scoop daily in grain. Horses under 500lbs- Administer 1/2 scoop daily. 

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**Note: It is typical for cannabinoid potency levels to vary between 4-6 mg/ml based on batch and lab testing variance.**

From a Company That Cares:

The VetCS Approach begins with safety,transparency, and rigorous testing standards in all product formulations. Aligned with research and trials conducted by veterinary professionals across the country, VetCS ensures that your animals stay healthy, perform better, and recover faster under our mission since 2017. We want you to be happy with the results you see in your pet or horse.That's why we offer a 30-day 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back. You have our word.

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The Problem

Equine pain and anxiety are interrelated issues that can significantly affect a horse's well-being and performance. Pain in horses can stem from various sources, including injuries, arthritis, hoof problems, or dental issues, leading to symptoms such as lameness, reluctance to move, and changes in behavior or appetite. Chronic pain can contribute to anxiety, as horses may become apprehensive about activities that previously caused discomfort. Anxiety in horses can also be triggered by environmental changes, separation from companions, or unfamiliar situations, manifesting in behaviors like restlessness, sweating, cribbing, and an increased heart rate. Finding a solution that addresses these issues is crucial for horse owners.

Our Solution

The CBD Combo Pack for horses from VetCS, a comprehensive solution designed to address the interconnected issues of pain and anxiety in horses. This pack includes both fast-acting CBD Equine Paste for acute pain relief and long-lasting CBD Equine Powder for managing chronic pain and promoting relaxation. With VetCS's commitment to quality and safety, horse owners can trust that their beloved companions receive the relief and support they need to thrive, ensuring their well-being and performance for years to come.

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CBD For Horses FAQ

The horse powder and pellets take 12-24 hours (1-2 doses) to become effective.  The horse paste, however, takes effect within 30-45 minutes which means it’s very helpful for calming horses for trailer, stressful events, and farrier or veterinarian visits. 

Yes, most horses are receiving multiple supplements and joint support and benefit from the addition of our hemp products with no adverse events reported.

Yes, the additional doses are recommended for higher stress situations. In our university study, horses tolerated very high doses of hemp with no adverse effects.

Our paste product is a full spectrum hemp extract, in addition to our custom calming terpene profile, making it the perfect solution for spooky horses. We recommend giving it by mouth 30-45 minutes before a stressful event. One dose (¼ tube) typically lasts 8-12 hours.

CBD in horses has been shown to last approximately 18-24 hours. Therefore, daily dosing is needed for ongoing conditions. 

While CBD and hemp extract are nutraceuticals and completely natural, we would avoid using CBD products while participating at recognized shows (USEF, FEI, etc.). We recommend a withdrawal time of 7 days before any recognized competition.

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