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Low Scent CBD Oil 500mg CBD, 10ml

We formulated this product after extensive research with cats and their aversion to the odor of our original hemp extract! This version (low scent or salmon) allows us to give cats and picky dogs CBD while still offering a robust terpene profile, flavonoids, lipids, and amino acids. This is a very concentrated formulation, so only 1-2 drops are needed for most cats! This bottle provides a 65 day supply for a 10lb cat receiving 2 drops morning and night.  

Curious if CBD is right for your cat? Call our veterinary team at 1-800-840-5730 or email us at We would love to help you build the best wellness plan for your pet! 


Our full spectrum CBD extract oil is produced in facilities compliant at the FDA level; we want to assure your pet is receiving the same amount in every dose, and every bottle. We have set the stage for transparency standards that is unheard of in the veterinary cannabis industry.  See our Philosophy page for more information.

Certificates of Analysis: 

Lot 103222 

Lot 103217 Potency, Microbial Contaminants, Residual Solvents, Pesticides, Heavy Metals

Lot 103217 Terpenes

Lot 103208 Potency

Lot 103208 Microbial Contaminants

Lot 103208 Residual Solvents

**Note: It is typical for cannabinoid potency levels to vary between 6-8 mg/ml based on batch and lab testing variance.**

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