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Vet Designed. Vet Driven.

VetCS is a veterinarian founded and driven company delivering scientifically sound, transparently sourced hemp and cannabinoid products for dogs, cats, and horses. With VetCS products you can rest assured quality and safety are in every product. It is our mission to be on the forefront of establishing cannabinoids as a research-grounded, trusted, and accepted option for animal wellness.

About Our Experts

Knowledge is Power

We use Colorado-grown (organically farmed) hemp and we provide COMPLETE transparency of our products.  We are setting the standards in the industry in providing posted Certificates of Analysis (see each product page for links), so that you know exactly what you're purchasing.  Want to know more about hemp and why it can be so beneficial? Click below for more info!

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Curious how we compare to other CBD companies?

 Our full spectrum hemp extract formulas are leading the industry in balanced formulations.  VetCS’ high potency CBD concentrations, multiple trace cannabinoids, and custom terpene formulation are unrivaled by any other hemp company.   Isolate CBD products are not as therapeutic as full spectrum extracts.  Think we cost more? No - our cost per milligram is less than most companies, averaging 10-14 cents. We ensure that you receive nothing but the best from VetCS: your trusted source of cannabinoids.